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Complexity Capital

  • Most people have heard the cliché, “history repeats itself” but how many have considered what it really means or even if it is actually true?

    Humans are predictable in their behaviour and the societies that they build are even more so, which enables people to view history from the long durée by establishing certain patterns and make reasonable deductions as to where present day societies are headed.

  • Is the modern West in general and the United States in particular doomed to repeat some of the same follies of the Egyptians, Romans, and Aztecs?

    Applying cyclical history to past cultures can be a useful tool for people to understand how and why some of the greatest human societies collapsed and comprehend the trajectory of modern Western society’s path, as well as possibly uncovering methods to stop its potential decline.

  • What does the future hold for Western civilization in general and the United States specifically?

    Currently, nearly every Western nation has severe generational and demographic imbalances, which has the potential to be an economic bomb to the social and welfare systems of those countries.

  • The question then remains: if those patterns are identified, can they be halted or reversed as Arnold Toynbee argued?

    Although a number of the trends seem to suggest that Western culture is on a downward trajectory, a new wave of political activism has arisen that is attempting to reverse or at least halt the process.

 Geopolitics, Capital Markets & Scientific Progress can only be fully understood through the context of history.

- George Felsobuki Nagy, Founder & CEO, ValuBit


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